100 years of women studying at the Technical University of Vienna - "Käthe Böhm, das 'Fräulein' Ingenieur"

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Science.talk Special "Women and Technology"

ORF III (Austrian Public Television), April 2019

For 100 years, women have been allowed to study at the Vienna University of Technology. wesearch has investigated into this eventful and far too little-known history. In "Science.talk Spezial", Barbara Stöckl talked to TU Rector Sabine Seidler and the bioniker lIle Gebeshuber about women in technology. And Margarethe Szeless, co-publisher and author of the anniversary publication gave information about pioneers at the Technical University in Vienna.

Margarethe Szeless interviewed by Barbara Stöckl

Visual Culture in Postwar Austria

Article in Die Presse, April 2019

Die Presse, 06. April 2019

"Rubble Women"

Television Interview ORF Wien Heute, aired October 2018

On the occasion of the unveiling of the controversial FPÖ (Liberal Party of Austria) monument to the "rubble women" ORF (Austria`s public television) asked Margarethe Szeless for an interview. In the broadcast Vienna Today, the photo historian explains the origins of the myth "rubble woman" and why the image of the "heroines of reconstruction" is still transfigured today.

Margarethe Szeless